Thursday, May 28, 2009

Girl Trip iPhone App- The Fun and Versitle Trip Planner

Dreaming of a trip with the girls? Girls getaway trips are one of the hottest trends in travel!

Have a couple of extra minutes to spare while you are sitting in traffic, waiting for your kids to get out of school, waiting for a flight, or on your lunch break? Plan your whole trip with the Girl Trip iPhone app and contact your girl friends today with the perfect girls getaway trip. It will be just the break that you need from your busy life!

As the iPhone commercial says, "There's an App for that" and now there IS an application to put that girls getaway trip that you have been dreaming of into an actual plan. Think that you cannot go on your girls trip in these economic times because it might be too expensive? The Girl Trip iPhone App will give you money saving tips and economical trips to suit any budget.

This app is fabulous and a great way to take your time browsing and reading about where you can plan your next girls getaway trip to!


* Listed by state, the top 25 cities in the U.S. for the best girl only trips!

* CITIES - Each city listed has a write up about the city, it's features... telling you what that trip would offer, to help you decide which city would be best for your group of girls to travel to.

* HOTEL RECOMMENDATIONS - Each city listed has a great list of the top recommended hotels for you to stay at, including all of their information along with a very helpful checklist of things that might be important for you in determining which hotel to stay at, such as if the property has a spa, pool, hot tub, fitness area, and more.

* TRANSPORTATION - For each city there is a transportation section in which details all the transportation information you would need to know, such as best airport to fly into, how much the cab ride will cost you from the airport to the hotels, and more.

* SPA - For each city listed there is spa section that gives you information about the best spas in that city.

* SHOPPING - For each city listed there is a shopping section that tells you all about shopping in that city! From type of shopping the city offers and exactly where to go for the best shopping there!

Girls trips are a must! Girl friends are such an important part of our lives and what a fabulous way to bond, create memories to last a life time, and provide those much needed breaks we all need from our day to day life! Plus, they can be much more affordable than you think!

Have fun planning your girls getaway trip!